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TravEZ World Transit Advisory Corp. Is Developing a Mobile App that Simplifies Travellers’ Transit

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – October 25, 2022

Vancouver-based start-up wants to alter travel patterns to improve the experience of individuals. The mobile app will help customers understand the various travelling processes and advise them on the best practices to ensure comfort during the trip.

TravEZ World Transit Advisory Corp. Provides Perfect Solution for Convenient & Comfortable Traveling

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 10, 2023

The TravEZ start-up aims to become the number one mobile app for travellers by designing and developing travel experiences that simplify people’s lives.

TravEZ World Transit Advisory Corp. Highlights the Competitive Edge of Their Software

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 20, 2024

TravEZ World Transit Advisory Corp., an innovator in the travel industry, is excited to share the exceptional competitive advantage of their game-changing software.